Embroidery - Digitising, Badges, Crests...and more!

"Our embroidery digitiser has over 20 years experience so what he doesn't know about embroidery designing isn't worth knowing!"

Starting his career at a leading worldwide embroidery company in Nottingham. He worked his way from being involved in the technology side of the business. Helping the company produce their own embroidery digitising software. Then working in their punch house producing designs for top companies including Nike, Disney, Russell Athlectic to name just a few. He then left to head to the south west and start his own sucessful digitising business. Now back in the midlands he now fronts a new venture in id67.

At id67 we have done away with the unfair per thousand stitch charge. Where a section of fill stitch can take seconds to produce but can cost the customer £££. We now charge per job based on the time it will take to produce. We believe this is a far more fair way to charge for digitising.

Personalised baseball cap

id67 100% UK based and you can talk direct to our digitiser enabling you get any problems, not that there will be sorted straight away. Therefore keeping your production going and saving you money. Designs are produced correctly allowing them to run smoothly unlike cheaper digitising that are stuffed full of stitches to make them money and numerous unnecessary jump stitches just waiting to snap threads and slow production. Some UK businesses send designs abroad but we can guarantee your design will not leave the UK.